Zurina Ketola Designs Handmade Necklaces. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Faceted Pyramid Necklace. Turquoise Necklace. Sterling Silver.

Sleeping Beauty Pyramid Necklace


Modern and edgy, this stunning necklace features sparkling sterling silver beaded chain paired with a beautiful and unique Sleeping Beauty turquoise faceted pyramid pendant.

Genuine Sleeping Beauty turquoise from Globe, AZ.

Necklace measures approx 42cm / 16.25″

Turquoise pendant measures 10mm x 8mm


  • handmade necklace
  • sterling silver chain and details
  • lobster style clasp
  • necklace measures approx 42cm / 16.25″
  • turquoise pendant measures 10mm x 8mm
  • genuine Sleeping Beauty turquoise sourced from Arizona, USA

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