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ZKD at Studio Hertzberg

I’m happy to share the news that Zurina Ketola Designs handmade jewelry is now available at Studio Hertzberg in Berlin! Located in the Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin near Richardplatz, this awesome shop is dedicated to slow fashion with an emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Filled with a unique charm and character, it features twelve talented and noteworthy designers who make small batch apparel, jewelry, and accessories. This international group offers top quality designs, and I’m thrilled to be joining the mix.


While I always have fun selling at markets, one of the absolute best things I’ve been able to do for my jewelry business was having shop space to sell my handmade jewelry. During the almost four years I was at the Andersonville Galleria, I met so many amazing artists, customers, and friends. It was through those connections I was able to refine my aesthetic and evolve as a designer. Not only that, but it propelled my brand in a way I never expected, and I wanted to keep that momentum going after settling here in Berlin. Along with moving the business, I’ve been researching the ins and outs of opening up a shop since I arrived.

A Shop + Studio Space

The set up at Studio Hertzberg is similar in many ways to my old shop in Chicago. You’ll find the work of multiple artists and designers, and each designer works the front of the house helping customers during business hours, and they also host fun local events from time to time. One key difference? In addition to the shop space, there’s also studio space on site! I love the idea of having a the two spaces combined, and I think it so cool to be able to have a shared workshop on the premises. It gives customers the unique opportunity to see where their fashion is made, and to talk to the designers. Interacting with my customers is always such a pleasure, and have found that customers love to get a glimpse of what’s going on in the studio.

Having a  studio and shop space was really important for me during my search, and something I’ve always wanted to have as a designer. It proved a little tough to find a space that had both, and at one point I began to wonder if I would need to settle for one or the other. While studio space is much easier to find in Berlin than it appeared to be back in Chicago, it was a serious exercise in patience. 

Falling into Place

Of course shop space is readily available, but I was looking for something relatively small which was a little hard to find. Aside from that, I had budget considerations to think about. After a while I began looking at alternatives, and shared studio space was was a solution that seemed really promising. There is an abundance of artists in Berlin and there are tons of options all over the city, but there weren’t a lot of options with connected shop space. Timing also made things a little tricky. I didn’t even have anything that I could put into a studio until June, and I was in a holding pattern until things arrived.

As luck would have it,  by the time June rolled around everything fell into place quite nicely.

The Right Fit

Even though it took almost a year to find a good fit, I’m glad that I took my time to really get an idea of what was out there. My earlier adventures trekking all over the city kept me on my toes and by sheer coincidence, I often found myself right around the corner from Studio Hertzberg without even realizing it. I loved the area and somehow it felt like the right place for me to be. I don’t get that feeling often, and I was a very pleasantly surprised to have found work space in a neighborhood that I felt such a strong connection to. Not only did this place have everything I wanted, but it’s just a short walk or train ride away from my apartment. What more could you ask for?

While the studio is still a blank slate, I’m over the moon to be moving in over the next few weeks. The shop is a little more finished and currently features best sellers including a varied selection of post earringsbracelets and necklaces. I’ve been busy making new displays to showcase more necklaces and earrings, and will have a wider selection available in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more updates.

If you’re in Berlin and find yourself nearby, stop in and say hello!

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Not in Berlin? No Worries, Shop Online!

Of course, you can still shop Zurina Ketola Designs from anywhere in the world! I ship internationally via DHL, and if you’re in Germany all orders over €50 get free shipping.

That means you’re favorite earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings are just a few clicks away. Shop now!