ZKD Custom Spotlight: Pink Druzy Necklace for Valeria

Recently, I was approached by a multi-talented make-up artist and painter named Valeria to recreate a similar style from a piece she saw on my Instagram. Take a look at the process!

A Little Inspiration...

I love working with other creatives, and this was no different! When I take on custom projects, I always look to the client for a little inspiration, and it was such a joy to have such a well traveled, multi-faceted artist as my muse. Having family in Finland, I was excited to find that she was originally from Tallin, Estonia, and has spent  years living all over the world, including Russia, Canada, France, and since 2018 she has called Berlin her home. While she is also a professional make up artist specializing in jewelry photography, natural looks, and weddings, I absolutely adore her charming watercolor paintings. Valeria’s IG is full of dreamy watercolor paintings featuring some of my favorite things about Europe. From the bright and colorful streets filled with old world charm and cobblestone roads to some of Europe’s most  celebrated sights,  it was easy to be inspired! 

Not only is she a lovely artist – she was such a dream to work with. We initially connected on Facebook, as she was asking for jewelry designer recommendations. She was looking to support a local designer and had a very specific look in mind – something delicate, in gold with gemstones. Our styles were a perfect fit, right?  I’m so glad we met. After perusing my Instagram, she found the perfect inspiration piece to start with.

One of my personal faves, this necklace featured a sterling chain anchored in each side with a pink druzy pendant. She loved to base of this piece, in particular the pendant and wanted to make a couple of modifications. The first was to change the chain to 14K gold fill, and have the pendant hang from a single point, more like a drop, and also to have a longer length. The image is about 16″, and we ended up deciding an 18.5″ chain would be perfect. 

The original necklace - mixed metal druzy

Work in Progress

At the time of the commission, my hand was still on the mend, so I had to take a bit longer to make it than normal. During the lock down, I developed an issue with tendons in my wrist and thumb from working too much on my phone and computer, and had been resting my hand for several months. She was a perfect gem, and totally understood the need for me to go more slowly than normal, which I really appreciate!

After collecting all the pieces and finding the perfect pink druzy pendant to showcase, I got my tools together and went to work! The project went well, and it was nice getting back to work after a couple months off due to COVID-19 and my hand/wrist injury. 

As someone that works with my hands, I’ve been a little worried about pain, but it all went smoothly! I made sure to take lots of breaks and rest when I needed. It gave me time to get some nice photos at the workbench, at least!

As I completed the necklace, I noticed the pendant seemed a bit paler in photos. On it’s own it seemed the perfect blush shade, but in pictures it was almost white! Luckily I had a few others to choose from, and found one with more a blush shade that was more similar to the initial necklace. It was a bit tough to see on it’s own, but the difference was much more noticeable when the two pendants were right next to one another. I’m glad I caught it!

... and We're Done!

I was so excited to show her the finished piece before dropping it off  for her. She was an absolute gem, and was so happy with the result! 

The final piece!
Beautiful Custom Pink Druzy Necklace
In the wild.

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Valeria and I had never met in person, so I was happy to find she posted a pic on IG Stores wearing her beautiful new necklace!

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