We have a winner!

I’m super excited to announce the winner for our ZKD Arm Party Giveaway this past weekend at the Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest! Click through for more info.

Zurina Ketola Designs Bracelets.
Lovely collection of ZKD knotted bracelets.

Congratulations to Joanna for being our winner, and thanks so much to everyone who took such gorgeous photos! The prize is a set of five ZKD original knotted cotton bracelets, featuring charms, beads and other detailing.

As a special thanks to everyone that played, you’ll also be getting a signature ZKD “double coin” knotted bracelet. Not only do these super simple bracelets go with anything, they are a sign of good luck of prosperity. What’s not to love?

I had such a great time meeting everyone and being part of such a diverse and talented group of artists. This was my first ever multi-day show, and it was such a great experience! I definitely plan on coming back next year.