Join Me @ Randolph Street Market September 26th + 27th!

I’ve been busy with new creations for the coming Fall/Winter 2015 season, and I’m thrilled to be able to showcase them at the Indie Designer Mart at Randolph! A few favorites? The stunning post earrings shown above. These raw beauties evolved from my popular series of crystal + leather earrings and necklaces that began production earlier this year.

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Large Lapiz Drop Necklace_web_2

September Birthstones: A New Twist!

Last year, I wrote about the most widely known September birthstone here in the U.S., the sapphire. But did you know there are other birthstones for the month of September? I’m a big lover of variety and versatility, so knowing there is more out there to choose from made me want to share, big time! In addition to sapphire, I’ll talk about lapiz lazuli and zircon which are used as birthstones for the month of September. Continue reading “September Birthstones: A New Twist!”

NEW! Silicone Backs from ZKD Now Available at Andersonville Galleria

Since I’ve bee at the Galleria, I have been fielding inquiries from customers regarding silicone earrings backs. In general, most that you will find are hard silicone or PVC. I’ve never really been a fan. Because these are so stiff, they can be really difficult to work with, and sometimes even bend or damage the earrings you are trying to protect! I’ve been in the lookout for a good source of better options, and recently found a two great varieties of high quality, soft backs that I’m selling at my Andersonville Galleria shop! Continue reading “NEW! Silicone Backs from ZKD Now Available at Andersonville Galleria”

Great Start to a New Year: My Golden Globes Adventure!

The Golden Globes Stage
Yes, that would be me on the stage!

Go to the Golden Globes? Um, Yes, Please!

I have to say, I think I had the best year on record for ZKD. Although it was truly insane, the holiday season was a fantastic learning experience, especially given that I had my own shop at the Andersonville Galleria for the first time. But nothing really prepared me for what was to come just days into the new year. I was all ready to take a bit of a break in January, but then things changed. You see, I got invited to go to the Golden Globes this year. And then of course, I fainted. As one does. Continue reading “Great Start to a New Year: My Golden Globes Adventure!”

ZKD Arm Party Giveaway!

Last week, I found out I’ll be having a booth at the Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest here in Chicago. This will be a great event, and I am super excited. Come by my booth for a chance to win a set of FREE stacking bracelets! Click through for details!


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ZKD Jewelry Tree Materials

DIY – Sculptural Jewelry Tree Display

Here’s a little DIY tutorial on how to make on of my favorite sculptural jewelry displays, the jewelry tree. I’ve been making variations of this for years. It’s great because you can always do something a little different each time to change it up. Let’s get started! Continue reading “DIY – Sculptural Jewelry Tree Display”

Zurina Ketola Designs Hair Tie

Check Out the New Digs!

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to revamping the blog and I couldn’t be happier! We’ve moved over to WordPress, and are in the process editing and tweaking things to make it just right. Over the next few weeks, you’ll probably see a few changes here and there, but so far I am loving the new look!

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