The ZKD Personal Jewelry Shopping Experience

Have Jewelry, Will Travel

A few weeks back, my husband popped in my office and asked if I wanted to make a quick trip out to Malibu, California to surprise his dad for his 70th birthday. My ears perked up – the actual sun, and a milestone birthday? Um, yes please! Winter was dragging its feet in Chicago this year, so a weekend getaway to a sunny place was something to look forward to!

Not only did I get to spend time visiting with family and friends (btw, the party was a hit, he was totally surprised), I always make it a point to travel with a small selection of my latest and greatest jewelry designs in tow. I have clients from all over the world that love to check out what’s new, and often book personal shopping appointments with regular customers and new clients while I’m in town.

Zurina Ketola Designs private appointment jewelry

Over the years, I’ve noticed on my travels that people always ask to see some work. It never fails. Most of the time I’m wearing something, but sometimes I’m not. It happened so often that it began to feel  like a missed opportunity. It used to catch me off guard, and it seemed silly not to be prepared. I decided to turn these conversations into connections, and now I started to bring a few things along for the ride. While a website is helpful, it’s nothing compared to having the real thing handy.

Jewelry is tactile and is almost always an emotional purchase, and in my experience a personal connection with clients is key. It feels almost intangible and is a little hard to explain, but there’s just something about seeing handmade work and meeting the maker that make people feel special, or like they’re a part of the process. I think that’s a big part of why it’s been so appealing for my clients. I’ve thought about it a lot during my career as a jewelry designer, and it makes sense. With so many of today’s products being manufactured in plants or overseas, we’re not likely to have much of a connection with people that design and create the things we use in our everyday life. When it comes to fashion and how people express themselves to the world day to day, this can be really important. The thing is, people are social creatures, and we’re always looking to connect. As much as the internet has changed things for us, word of mouth and personal relationships remain an important part of the game for me. Even for the shortest trips, I end up booking a couple private appointments. It’s become an aspect of the job that I really look forward to!

The Best Way to Shop for Jewelry

I think my favorite thing about this is that it doesn’t really feel like work at all. More than anything it’s become a welcome personal jewelry shopping experience on both ends. Sometimes these appointments happen in a cafe, and sometimes in homes or offices. It mostly depends on the client and their schedule. Meeting in person gives me the opportunity to get to know my clients and pick out specific designs that would resonate with them, and it gives clients the opportunity to get a good look at the newest designs in a comfortable, low-key setting. It’s more like socializing with close friends, chatting over coffee or tea, and doing a little casual shopping. I’m entirely convinced that this is the best way to shop for jewelry!

How Do I Book a Personal Shopping Appointment?

I don’t only book appointments when I’m traveling – I do local appointments as well! The easiest way to start the conversation either way is to contact me through the site. Touching base on social media also works, just send a message over Facebook or Instagram and let me know you’d like to make an appointment, and we can get started. The personal shopping experience is meant to be tailored to your needs, so I am best able to help when I have information regarding your budget, and styles you are most interested in taking a look at. If there is a specific event you are shopping for, feel free to send me information about your dress and other accessories. A Pinterest board with inspirations is a great way to do this part!

Comments or Questions?

Would love to know what you think! If you have any comments or questions regarding a personal shopping appointment, let me know in the comments below or contact me!

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