The Studio is Coming!

Nomad, No More

It’s been shy of eight months in Berlin and life has finally settled down. In about a month or so, I’ll have a jewelry studio again! It’s been a long and bumpy road, but it was totally worth it.

Before arriving, I had a few ideas about what path to follow to keep my creative flow active in my new home without a studio. On that list? Spending time being a tourist in our new home. Going on walks, exploring museums, and experiencing the culture of my new surroundings played a big role. As it turned out, life had other plans and we had to put a pin in this for a while.

Instead of being able to relax, we were always moving from one apartment to the next. We found some cool places to live along the way, but nothing was really very stable. In those eight months, we stayed with family for a month, lived in three different apartments officially, booked two AirBnB apartments and two hotels for a week each. It was exhausting. I was constantly stressed out about what was going to happen next, and didn’t have any time to think about maintaining anything but my sanity.

Besides that looming uncertainty, serious health concerns arose with a close family member back home. That meant pausing things here to take a couple trips back for good measure. Luckily, before the last trip back in February, we managed to find the perfect permanent apartment. You know what that means, right? We were finally able to ship our furniture out, and I would finally get my studio back! Our things are being shipped overseas in a shipping container as I type, and my fingers are crossed they arrive by mid-to-late May.

Fabulous + Empty

The new apartment is indeed fabulous, but it’s also pretty empty. We’d been staying in furnished temporary apartments, so the fact that we had no furniture was suddenly a big deal. We got rid of everything except our sectional and bedroom set, but it turns out we couldn’t bring those in the end! In particular, we really needed to figure out the bedroom furniture and someplace to sit ASAP.

We were able to get the bare minimum and use the three week trip back to the States to our advantage. We ordered a mattress from Casper, which luckily arrived while we had our old apartment. This was really helpful. Even though the mattress was on the floor for a while, it kept us from having to pay rent on two places. I found an awesome velvet teal couch that conveniently arrived a few days after we came back, and got a new desk for my studio. For now, the desk is doing double duty as a dining table until everything else arrives.

Working Every Angle

Living in an empty apartment was inconvenient, but it ended up working out. We have an open floor plan, and some unique architectural details that are a bit of a challenge to work with. The biggest challenge? An angled wall runs the entire length of the apartment.

The bedroom was the most difficult to figure out. It’s L-shaped with an angled wall where the head of the bed is. It was tough finding a new bed to fit this space! Too high of a bed and our heads hit the wall, too low of a bed and we lose storage options. Everything I found that would fit was either expensive or would take weeks to arrive.

After weeks of searching, I found a novel solution from Papp Moebel. Their designs are affordable, readily available and feature a very minimal yet functional sensibility. But get this – everything is made from cardboard. It gave me pause, but the upside? It’s sustainably sourced and recyclable. Turns out, it’s also easily customizable. That’s when my ears perked up. After visiting the showroom, I was intrigued and selected a few items. A bed, customizable shelving, and a couple sets of drawers for hidden storage. In total, we spent under €300.

Cardboard bedroom set
Cardboard bed and shelving from Papp Moebel in Berlin.

The shelf was tall, but we planned to cut it into three equal pieces to fit behind the bed and right under the angled wall. I was impressed – all we needed for the job was a sharp utility knife and right angle. After my husband made the cuts and put everything together, we placed the pieces at the head of the be and viola! Instant surface space and hidden storage. It was exactly what I was looking for. I love how how were able to be creative and customize a solution. We still have some time before everything else arrives, but so far we’ve made a pretty comfortable space to live in.

Soon it will be a comfortable place to work in as well!

Finally Getting a Chance to Enjoy Berlin

With a light at the end of the tunnel, I can finally pick up where I left off! I’m spending half the time being a tourist in my new city and enjoying museums and attractions around town. A recent favorite was the Botanical Gardens, shown below. It’s nice to be able to finally experience the inspiration Berlin has to offer!

The other half of the time, I’m working on the site relaunch. I’ve never had to had to take such a lengthy hiatus, and am realizing how much my work brought balance to my life. I took it for granted in some ways, but am glad to be able to be back on track.

Botanical Gardens Berlin. Rhododendrons + Camelia. Berlin
The Botanical Gardens in Berlin.

The Big News – ZKD is Relaunching in May 2019

After months working behind the scenes, I’m officially able to sell jewelry again! I’m currently working on important site updates for the relaunch, and plan to have the shop back up and running in early May.

While I can’t take orders on the site, I can take orders via e-mail, my Instagram, or on Facebook. From there, I can send invoices via PayPal, or Square, take credit card payments and ship your jewelry orders. Got questions?  Contact me!

For the most up-to-date relaunch info, including promotions and the upcoming IG jewelry giveaway, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook and have notifications turned on!

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