The Perfect Gift for Mom: Mother’s Day Handmade Jewelry Gift Guide

The Secret to Buying Handmade Jewelry For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I’m prepping the shop in anticipation! I always get a million questions from my customers about how to select the perfect gift for mom. Over the years, I’ve found that the perfect gift isn’t necessarily the most flashy, most elaborate, or even most expensive thing. So what does make a good gift? It’s true what they say: it’s the thought that counts. The best gifts take into account a combination of things, including the style and personality of the receiver, while also meeting whatever needs you may have, like time and budget.

I love helping people with when they are looking for gifts of any kind, partially because I love giving gifts myself. I’ve always found the search to be enjoyable, and like to think of it as a challenge. That said, I also know how daunting it can feel sometimes, and I love making life a little easier for my customers. So do you want to know my secret for how to find the perfect gift for mom? Surprise, it’s you, of course! It may sound obvious, but sometimes this catches people off guard. We all have unique and complex relationships with our mothers, and for those of you looking for handmade jewelry as a gift, you are my essential guide in the search.

When people ask me what to get for Mother’s Day, the I ask a series of questions based on style, personality, and budget in mind so I can get an idea of what might be a good match from my jewelry collection. In the past, I’ve been able to answer these questions personally in my shop, but I wanted to provide the same guidance for my online jewelry customers, so I’ve created this helpful Mother’s Day Handmade Jewelry Gift Guide just for the occasion! I’ve broken things down into different styles, with prices to fit every budget.

Style: Classic and Clean

Does your mom have a more traditional and classic sensibility when it comes to fashion and style? This look tends to steer clear of trends and favors a more refined aesthetic that looks good no matter what. A woman with classic style wears something of a fashion uniform and always look polished and put together. A classic wardrobe features tried and true fashion staples, including crisp white shirts, chic black blazers, and occasional pops of colors like red and blue. Typically well tailored and precise, I tend to think of women like Katherine Hepburn, Michelle Obama, and Reese Witherspoon.

For mom’s that gravitate towards classic styles, I would recommend versatile and refined handmade jewelry with simplicity and clean lines.

Style: Modern and Minimal

Does your mom have a more modern and minimal aesthetic? This look is sleek and sophisticated and is a good fit for women that have a more adventurous fashion spirit. I tend to think of unusual hemlines, and unique collar details when I think of modern fashions. They colors tend to range from the standard blacks and charcoals with unique punches of color, like purple and interesting neutrals like mauve, peach, or navy. When I think of modern style, the women that come to mind are Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, and Kerry Washington.

The most timeless modern jewelry designs tend to be re imagined classic styles that combine interesting and edgy details, like unusual shapes and lush materials. View my selection below for a few ideas!

Style: Bohemian and Artistic

Perhaps your mom has a more bohemian and artistic sense of fashion? The bohemian can be more casual at times, but generally she’ll stand out from the crowd. Armed with a free spirit and fun-loving attitude, a bohemian wardrobe features lots of bright colors and patterns, along with lovely flowing details. Bohemian jewelry has a decidedly carefree and unique aesthetic, and highlights beautiful gemstones and beads in bright colors with interesting talismans and carved details and accents. When I think of bohemian and artistic style, women like Kate Hudson and her mom, Goldie Hawn come to mind.

For mom’s that prefer an artistic and bohemian vibe with their jewelry, I would recommend handmade jewelry in line with the styles featured below.

Mother’s Day: Final Thoughts on Shopping for Handmade Jewelry

There you have it, a general run down of how I help customers choose the right gift! One thing I will say, while this can be a helpful guide, sometimes there is a little overlap. I’m a perfect example. My style depends mostly on my mood and what I’m doing at the moment. One day I might be wearing a modern a minimal dress, and the next I’m in a more artistic bohemian look. I would say that most women have a more fluid relationship with fashion, it’s really not one size fits all. But remember when I said you were my secret weapon in the search for  that perfect Mother’s Day gift? This is what I mean. I ask a lot of questions to get a sense of the style for the person you are shopping for, so if there is a little overlap I try and take that into consideration. Sometimes, I’ll even ask to see pictures before I bring out a selection of handmade jewelry for my customers to look at.

I hope this guide is gives you some ideas to help you find that perfect gift for Mom! I had so much fun writing it, and I hope you find it useful. Do you have any special tips that you use when buying gifts, for Mother’s Day, or any other occasion? We would love to hear them! Contact me or comment below.


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