The Online Shop is Back!

The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity. I’ve been working on site updates, adding new products, and testing everything to make sure it works.

It’s been a long time coming but the online shop is back up and running!

A Few Details

First things first – I’ve made some general updates to streamline the site to make your shopping experience better. I spent the last week testing, but if you find something that’s not working, please contact me.

For your convenience, I’ve added more payment methods. As always, Visa, MC, and American Express are available through checkout on the site, but PayPal and GooglePay are now supported.

Now that I’m Europe, the shipping options have also been updated. I ship worldwide and offer flat rate Domestic and International shipping via DHL standard shipping. This service provides insurance up to €50 and shipment tracking. See below for rates:

  • Germany – €6.48
  • EU Countries – €8.88
  • Non-EU Europe – €14.38
  • United States – €14.38
  • Everywhere Else – €14.38

If you have any questions about the updates, order delivery times, or even come across something on the site that’s not working quite right, just contact me and I’ll be happy to assist in any way that I can.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. The jewelry!

Designs Coming to Life

The jewelry released in this collection came to life in a flash during my last few weeks in my studio back in Chicago. My mind was full of anticipation for the upcoming changes and I really had no idea what would be in store. I certainly had no idea when I would have a studio, or even see my tools and materials again for that matter. My best guess was a year, and I’m rather tickled to see that I wasn’t too far off from reality.

Working in progress.
A snap of my jewelers bench back in Chicago.

My home studio in Chicago was my first real studio space, and the idea of packing it all up was emotional for me. Particularly because I wasn’t sure when I find another one, so I wanted to be able to enjoy it for one last collection. I gave myself about two weeks to get everything together, and after that we would be putting the house on the market. It was my last opportunity to make anything for a while, and I spent every day and night of those two weeks both relishing the time and working towards the finish line.

There was so much going on and I always had a lot on my mind, but at this point I’ve come to realize that can be a benefit. My creative output is something of a reflection of my surrounding energy, and there was never a dull moment those last few months. Whether it was good or bad, life was always buzzing all around me. It  gave me plenty of energy to harness and redirect towards the collection.

The Unofficial Time Capsule Collection

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably gotten at least a peek. I’ve previewed some jewelry designs on Instagram, Face Book, and Pinterest in the meantime, but this collection has largely been under wraps. It was never intended to be a time capsule collection, but it felt like it ended up that way! Mostly private clients had the opportunity to take a look during the hustle and bustle of the move and pending travels, but it was largely put aside while I was getting settled. I’m so thrilled to finally have the opportunity to show it off properly on the new site!

Amazing as it was to make the move to Europe and settle in Berlin, I didn’t anticipate how much I would miss making jewelry. It creates a special kind of balance in my life which I never really understood until I couldn’t do it. While I spent my time on other creative outlets like writing, photography, and playing guitar after arriving, it still felt like a part of my life was missing. I didn’t realize how integral it was for my own sense of well being.

Every so often I hear the someone say that not being able to create their art is like not breathing. I can understand the sentiment, but I feel it a little differently. It was more subtle at first, but became  undeniable over time. Missing that part of my life was more like not being able to take a deep breath. It may not seem like much on the whole, but imagine only being able to take shallow breaths for months on end. There is a kind of internal serenity and peace that comes with being able to breathe deep, and I was missing that.

I’m grateful to have found it again.

As it turns out, I had all the energy I needed back in my Chicago studio, because more will be released in the coming weeks and through the summer.

Thanks once again for being the best customers this jewelry designer could ask for, I hope you enjoy the new collection!

One More Thing: Free Shipping Thru June 3rd!

To celebrate the relaunch of my site, I’m offering you Free Standard Shipping thru Monday, June 3rd! Details below.

  • Germany: Orders 50 +
  • EU Countries: Orders 100 +
  • Non-EU Europe: Orders 150 +
  • Unites States: Orders 150 +

No code necessary. Offer will end at midnight, June 3rd, CET.

Click here to check out the collection. Happy Shopping!