The No Tell Hotel – Editorial Shoot

Around the Fourth of July this year, I had the opportunity to do some jewelry styling on the set of a photo shoot for Revealed Studios. Our location? A rent-by-the-hour, seedy little gem in my fair city – The Heart “O” Chicago. Click through to see more. And trust me, you’ll want to see more.

Our artistic concept revolved around capturing a short glimpse of a young couple on an intimate journey. For me, the series really mirrors the carefree feeling of summer moving into the moodier fall season. There were so many amazing pics to choose from, but I managed to narrow it down. Here’s a few of my favorites. Take a peek below.

Brooke and Brendan right outside.
Gorgeous Couple 101

Our models for the day, Brooke and Brenden were such a pleasure to work with. Our girl had a hippie-chic vibe, while Brenden had more of a greaser look going on. I was able to pile on some crazy bold pieces for Brooke, including this beautiful crocheted cotton and wood necklace. She was rocking a major arm party the whole day, too. You can take a peek at some of those, and similar styles here.

Photography by Rife Ponce Photography |
Stairs have never looked so damn good, don’t ya think?

Maggie Rife Ponce was the photographer for the day, and I have to say, that woman always finds the most amazing shots. My favorite thing about this one was the stairs. It’s almost imperceptible, but Brendan’s vest is a really warm brownish-orange as well, and the crisp hem perfectly balances the shot.

Photography by Rife Ponce Photography |
Nice trick for mood lighting.

We managed to grab a room, and let me tell you that very few things are more entertaining than styling a room for a racy shoot like this. Well, except maybe renting one out yourself… Take note – scarves make for the perfect mood lighting! I love the use of the mirror in this shot.

Photography by Rife Ponce Photography |
Stunning solitary black and white shot of Brenden.

Black and white always bring in an element of seduction and danger for me, and I love how the smoke curls through the room here. I see this picture and think, “Either something really good just happened, or something bad is going to happen any second…”

Photography by Rife Ponce Photography |
It always comes down to this, don’t it?

As you can imagine, things got a bit racy after moving inside the room. A more intimate setting, we moved from big and bold to a sexy layered look with lots of gold chain. I grabbed a single and double trapeze bone necklace, along with some druzy and agate pieces to complete the warm, sultry feel.

Hope you enjoyed the post. I’m so happy with the results from the shoot – it was so fun! I’d love to know what you think. Go ahead and leave your comments and questions below.

A list of my talented collaborators. Follow the links to find out more!

Maggie Rife-Ponce & Laurie Peacock | Revealed Studios | Creative Concept and Photography

Emily Wolf | Emily Wolf Artistry | Makeup and Hair

Jennifer Burton | JB Styles | Wardrobe

Brooke Boerman |  Model

Brenden Carney | Model