ZKD Jewelry Tree Materials

DIY – Sculptural Jewelry Tree Display

Here’s a little DIY tutorial on how to make on of my favorite sculptural jewelry displays, the jewelry tree. I’ve been making variations of this for years. It’s great because you can always do something a little different each time to change it up. Let’s get started! Continue reading “DIY – Sculptural Jewelry Tree Display”

Got Metal Allergies? You May Have More Options Than You Think.

Metal allergies are a major issue for many people. Nothing is worse than pulling out a fabulous new piece of jewelry for the first time, then realizing it actually causes a dry, itchy, red skin on contact. The good news? There may be more accessorizing options for you than you think!

Continue reading “Got Metal Allergies? You May Have More Options Than You Think.”

Artistic Jewelry Storage Solutions

I’m a big believer of jewelry as art. Of course it’s wearable art, but a beautiful collection of jewelry can be curated to make lust worthy adornments for a dressing room or bedroom just as easily. There’s lots of lovely jewelry boxes out there, but when my jewelry is out of sight, it’s out of mind too. I hate going out and realizing that the perfect pair of earrings is just sitting at home in a box. So why limit your options? I put together a list of my tried and true gorgeous jewelry display and storage favorites just for you.  Continue reading “Artistic Jewelry Storage Solutions”