Rose Gold Jewelry: Details + Care

La Vie En Rose has been humming in my mind all day, which is a perfect compliment to today’s blog post! I’m continuing this week with part two of my series about the metals I use in my designs. On Monday I shared some information about the type of gold I use in my jewelry, and today I’m going to focus on the type of rose gold you’ll find in my work.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold jewelry has been growing in popularity for years. It’s a beautiful metal that works well with many skin tones, and I’ve been a big fan for a long time! Also known as pink gold, it’s a special combination of gold that uses copper as a coloring agent to bring a pink or rose appearance. So why would you choose rose gold over  copper? I prefer rose gold to copper for a couple reasons. First, copper is much more prone to tarnish, and can react with skin and turn the skin a bit of a greenish color where it touches the skin, which I don’t love so much. While copper can have a blue/green undertone (particularly with tarnish), rose gold leans more towards warmer rosy tones, which I really prefer.

I use a couple different kinds of rose gold in my designs, including 14K rose gold fill, and 16K rose gold plate. Find out more about each below!

14K Rose Gold Fill (US) | 585 Rose Gold Fill (EU)

Rose gold fill is made using a layer of solid gold which is pressure bonded to a base metal, most often brass. Rose gold fill products are 5% gold by weight. You’ll find 14K rose gold fill materials in my handcrafted ear wires, hoops, ear cuffs, wire wrapped gemstone drops and links, and chains.

Zurina Ketola Designs 14K rose gold filled trilly necklace on white background
Trilly necklace in 14K rose gold fill

Both 14K yellow and rose gold fill have many qualities in common. Because of it’s relative strength and durability, rose gold fill will wear much the same way as solid rose gold does. This makes it a great choice for designing timeless jewelry designs that can be worn on a daily basis over many years. Not only that, but given that it’s not solid gold, it makes each design much more accessible and affordable while still being a high quality product. Much like 14K gold fill, 14K rose good is also a fantastic choice if you have metal allergies.

As with gold fill, rose gold fill jewelry can be worn in the shower or bath, and there’s no problem hopping into a pool while it’s on.  I do this quite a bit with earrings, although I tend not to wear chains – dirt and oils can collect in small crevices of the chain which makes it a little harder to clean. Even with regular use and daily wear, if properly taken care of, your rose gold filled jewelry can last for decades.

How to Clean and Store Rose Gold Fill Jewelry

Speaking of proper care, I have a few tips for you on how to best care for your rose gold jewelry. Similar to gold fill, rose gold filled jewelry should never be cleaned with abrasive cleaners, polishes or jewelry cloths. Although rose gold fill is considered quite durable, these types of cleaners will remove the surface over time, and will shorten the life of your rose gold fill jewelry.

Only use jewelry cleaners that are non-abrasive liquids. Often these cleaners will specifically state that they are approved for alternative metals or costume jewelry. These types of cleaners can unfortunately be difficult to find, and if it is unavailable to you, you can also use mild dish soap, water, and a clean, soft cloth.

Zurina Ketola Designs free form freshwater pearl drop earrings in 14K rose gold fill on white background
Navy pearl drop earrings in 14K rose gold fill

You will need:

  • 2-3 drops Dawn liquid dish detergent, or similar mild liquid detergent
  •  1/2 cup water
  • bowl + spoon
  • soft, clean cloth


  1. Add a few drops of mild dish soap to a bowl of water, and mix until you see some bubbles.
  2. Place your jewelry in for a few minutes.
  3. Remove, use cloth to wipe dry.
Storage: Personally, I recommend that your rose gold filled jewelry be stored in the air tight plastic bag it was received in when not in use. While rose gold fill is a relatively durable metal, this little bit of effort really helps keep your 14K rose gold fill jewelry looking beautiful for years!

16K Rose Gold Plate

Rose gold  plating is a chemical process that binds a layer of rose gold particles to a metal surface, in this case brass. This gives the metal a beautiful rose gold finish. Compared to rose gold fill, rose gold plating is not as thick or durable of a finish and will wear off over time. Due to this, it is not recommended for individuals with metal allergies, and not recommended for wearing in water.

Zurina Ketola Designs adjustable metallic maroon leather bracelet with rose gold plate details on white background
Metallic maroon leather bangle w/ 16K rose gold plate

In recent years, I’ve discovered more durable options that include thicker plating and  include anti-tarnish finishes. In my experience, these pieces wear much better than typical plated items, and the rose gold finish tends to remain longer than jewelry that has been traditionally plated.

You’ll find 16K rose gold plated details in my line of leather jewelry, including my leather bangles, and leather chokers.

How to Clean and Store Rose Gold Plate Jewelry

Rose gold plated jewelry should only be cleaned with specially formulated non-abrasive liquid jewelry cleaner, and wiped dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Storage: As always, I recommend that your rose gold plate jewelry be stored in the air tight plastic bag it was received in when not in use. It’s a simple trick that requires a little diligence, but I’ve noticed that this little step can really help prolong the life of plated jewelry.

Comments or Questions?

Have more questions about how to care for your Zurina Ketola Designs handmade jewelry? Just consider me your own personal jewelry designer! I’m always happy to answer questions. Contact me for more information.

Next Up? Silver Jewelry + Info

Stay tuned for Friday’s blog post about the type of silver you can find in my handmade jewelry designs and how to best care for it.

Until then, head over to the shop and check out the new look! I’ve made a few important changes to help make navigating the site and shopping a little easier for you. I’d love to know what you think!

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