Zurina Ketola Designs Handmade Jewelry Accessories. Gold-Filled Necklace Extender. 65mm / 2.5"

Gold-Fill Necklace Extender


Gold-filled necklace extender featuring sparkling delicate chain and spring clasp. Gold plated hematite bead detail.

If you favor a certain length when buying necklaces, a necklace extender will  make it possible to make add a little length and versatility to your favorite necklaces. Simply attach the chain with the clasp to any necklace, choose your desired length and you’re set.  A perfect accessory for creating layered necklace styles.

65 mm / 2.5″

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  • handmade necklace extender
  • 14K gold-fill chain and spring clasp
  • gold plated hematite detail
  • 65mm / 2.5″