NEW! ZKD Style Tips: How to Style the Infinity Silk Necklace / Bracelet Video

I introduced the Infinity Collection in Fall / Winter 2019 season, and have gotten a lot of questions about how it works and why the designs are so unique.

It got me thinking… It seemed like the best way to tell you was to show you! 

I’m using the Silk Necklace in Teal for the video. Take a look!

One Piece // Infinite Style

Along with the silk designs available on the online shop, I have a few at my studio shop in Berlin, Studio Hertzberg. 

There’s also a couple gemstone versions in the Infinity Collection featuring ethically and sustainably  sourced moss aquamarine baguettes, and super unique upcycled garnet hexagon gemstones

Expect to see some more videos that showcase the unique features of these designs and how to wear them.

This was my first time putting together a video like this, and I’m excited to do more!

So what do you think, was this helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments, it will help me make better videos for you in the future. 

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