NEW! ZKD Client Profile: Chantal Gillberg

Introducing the New ZKD Client Profile Blog Series!

I feel so lucky to have connected with such incredible and inspiring women with my work and on my travels, and it got me thinking:

Would clients like to be featured here on my blog?

I’ve had the idea kicking around for a while now, and after my last trip out to California, I’ve finally began asking around. To my surprise, a few of my absolute favorite clients welcomed the idea!

Say Hello to Chantal Gillberg

Chantal Gillberg

One of my favorite clients from my recent trip to Malibu is the one and only Chantal Gillberg. A native of Haiti living in Malibu, she currently and owns and operates Malibu Island, a breathtaking property which features multiple stunning and picturesque vacation rentals. I’m telling you, this woman is incredible! I had an opportunity to meet her briefly years ago, and have always wanted to get to know her a little better. She’s one of those women that immediately makes you feel as though you have been life long friends from the moment you meet her. Not only is she warm, and inviting, but she definitely represents the term life goals. Her magnetic personality is impossible to resist, and I’m certain plays a big role for the legendary dance parties she’s hosted at her home over the years. I’ve been hearing about them for a while, and I’m not-so-secretly hoping I get to attend one these days!

Chantal also happens to be a total superwoman. In addition to the full-time job of managing the lush properties at Malibu Island, Chantal also oversees the Gillberg Design sales galleries, which create functional glass, bronze and wood sculptures for an impressive portfolio of clients that feature the designs of her late husband, Carl. With his son (also Carl) having taken over the manufacturing end, Gillberg Design custom artwork is showcased in impressive high end interior design showrooms, fine art galleries, and luxury commercial businesses and public spaces worldwide. It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to visit her splendid home and the Malibu Island properties. I was absolutely floored by the beautifully artistic and colorful spaces she had created, along with the natural beauty of the property itself. I’m hoping to be able to get back out there this summer for a short stay. I can’t think of a better way to recharge my creative energy! I was able to snap a few pics while I was there – take a peek below!

The Jewelry Haul

During my visit, I had noticed this really unique necklace she was wearing. It was a beautifully carved, very fine piece of mother of pearl. Based on this, I had a feeling she might like a few abalone and turquoise pieces that had a similar feel and quality. Turns out, I was onto something! After perusing the goods, she chose a few of my favorite pieces including the abalone hamsa necklace, third eye lotus silk necklace, lavender pearl solitaire necklace and turquoise crescent necklace and earrings in gold, shown below.

Given her true creative nature, she requested a few commissions, and I was more than happy to oblige. One was a pair of earrings to match the pendant on her silk necklace, but my absolute favorite commission was based on a gemstone cluster necklace I had made years ago for my mother-in-law that featured a unique bright turquoise blue stone called hemimorphite, along with some pearl and crystal accents. The main stone caught Chantal’s eye a while back, and she requested a necklace and earring set in gold-fill with different accent charms. I had a little creative license as far as the additional gemstone accents, and I knew right away what I wanted to pair with them! Given her vibrant personality and style, and I wanted to compliment the design with some unique abalone gemstones that I had recently acquired, along with a beautifully organic petal pearls and mystic gray moonstone. Below you can find the finished custom jewelry designs!

The whole trip was such a fun experience. The trip home was uneventful, and not too surprising, Chicago welcomed me home with rain and a very frigid spring. But Malibu Island was fresh on my mind, and I think the finished jewelry showcases the inspiration, both from Chantal and her gorgeous home. Can’t wait until I made it out there again!

Would You Like to be Featured in a Customer Profile?

This is the first in an ongoing series, expect to see more from ZKD clients in the future! If you’re a fan of ZKD that would you like to be featured in a profile here on the blog, I’d love to hear from you!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me for more info and comment below!

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