NEW! Silicone Backs from ZKD Now Available at Andersonville Galleria

Since I’ve bee at the Galleria, I have been fielding inquiries from customers regarding silicone earrings backs. In general, most that you will find are hard silicone or PVC. I’ve never really been a fan. Because these are so stiff, they can be really difficult to work with, and sometimes even bend or damage the earrings you are trying to protect! I’ve been in the lookout for a good source of better options, and recently found a two great varieties of high quality, soft backs that I’m selling at my Andersonville Galleria shop!

New Silicon Earring Backs
ZKD is now offering silicone earring backs. Buy one package of ten pairs for $3.00, or snag two for $5.00!

Above you’ll see your available options. One is a bullet style silicone clutch, which works best for lightweight post earrings. The other is plain, and knurled, and works best for drop earrings with french ear wires.

Each package will contain (10) pairs, and will be sold for $3.00 each, or two for $5.00!

Stop in and grab a set or two for yourself. It’s always good to have a few pairs to spare for your Fashion Emergency Kit!

P.S. So sorry to have let things slide for so long! As a one woman show, things can get a little hectic around these here parts, lol. But things are getting a little more organized, and there are things in the works for the coming months. Expect to see more regular blog posts. Cheers!