NEW! Navy Blue + Gilded Packaging 💙🛍✨

Zurina Ketola Designs navy blue jewelry boxes with glitter twine
Your jewelry will come wrapped in our signature navy boxes with glitter twine.

Details have always been important to me as a designer. Not only do I want to create beautiful adornments with beautiful details, but I also want to provide a pretty little package to put everything in!

Navy blue has always resonated with me, it’s super chic and incredibly versatile. I’ve been working with a great designer for a few months, and will soon be redesigning my Andersonville Galleria space! Expect to see details that include a woven navy textile into the displays, along with a lush golden pearl fabric. It’s the perfect comboto showcase the metals and materials I use in my designs.

I’ve been searching far and wide for new packaging options, and was thrilled to find this color, along with the sparkling twine accent! Not only does is fit my new branding, but it’s also useful. Each box is filled with anti-tarnish cotton, which will help your precious metals from tarnishing. So keep those boxes! They’re a stylish way to keep your jewelry safe, sound, and tarnish free for years to come. ✨