Three Easy Steps for Sparkling Jewelry

Jewelry can get quite dirty – especially your favorite daily wear pieces. Here are three super easy ways to keep your jewelry bright and shiny!

1.) Don’t put your jewelry on until you’re done applying beauty and hair products. Hair spray and perfume build up, and the effect is magnified when you’re talking about the items you wear daily. The simple fix? Add your jewelry last.

2.) Clean your jewelry regularly. Daily wear items will get the most build up, so clean them more often. You can buy disposable cloths online like these. They’re affordable and easy to deal with. I like the fact that they have a built-in cleaning agent. Simply rub your jewelry until it shines again! You’ll be surprised how dirty it can get. You’ll probably notice it right away on these! The cloths get black pretty quick. Another super easy way to keep your baubles bright are two things you probably have in your house right now. A soft cotton cloth, and Dawn dish soap. For this, just add a little soap to some warm water and place your jewelry inside for a minute or so. Then rinse with cold water and rub clean and dry with the cotton cloth. Both methods can bring that bright shine back your favorite accessories. Be careful when cleaning items like vermeil with cloths that have built in cleaners. These cleaners can be abrasive, and too much abrasion can actually wipe away the precious metal, and nobody want that!

3.) Rotate your jewelry seasonally. I love my stand by pieces, but bringing something new to the mix can brighten your day! Jewelry is a little treat that can really transform the way you look and the way you feel. While it may be nice to have those go to pieces, experiment a little with versatile new trends. Switching things up regularly will prolong the life and sparkle of your gorgeous accessories, and who doesn’t want that?