Luisa Accessories Fall 2018 Pop-Up featuring ZKD Jewelry

Meant to Be: ZKD Handmade Jewelry Available in Chicago

Exciting news for my Chicago clients with a love for fashion, artisan jewelry, and weekend markets! Before I hopped the pond this summer, a few of you reached out and asked how to purchase ZKD jewelry since my shop would be down during the transition. As I was pondering my options, I was contacted by Luisa, one of my favorite pop-up organizers. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

As Luisa told me, “It was meant to be.”

Luisa Accessories: Boutique Chic with a Personal Shopping Vibe

Along with a unrivaled sense of personal style and sensibility that I admire, Luisa has a great eye and thoughtfully curates an incredible mix of women’s fashions, jewelry and accessories for her seasonal shows. The best part? She looks high and low for affordable pieces featuring quality craftsmanship and innovative design. I’m thrilled to be in the mix!

Luisa Accessories upcoming pop up shop in Chicago!
Luisa Accessories upcoming pop up shop in Chicago!

I’ve had the pleasure of doing a couple shows with her since we first met last year, and I must say that it’s an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. I’ve participated in markets of all types and sizes, and hers are always exceptional in respect to ambiance and selection. Some shows can feel a little hectic, but she works to create a more relaxed, cohesive boutique-style feeling. You’ll find various styled vignettes and offerings beautifully displayed throughout the floor, which has a more casual and low-key vibe. It reminds me more of an elevated personal shopping experience, which I love. If you’ve read any past blog posts, you know that I’m all about bringing that personal shopping experience to my clients, and this resonates with my philosophy perfectly!

Full Disclosure – I Love Shopping with Luisa!

What can I say? She has great taste and it can be hard to resist, especially when it’s the right piece. I’ve come to develop a personal style that emphasizes a comfy, casual, yet fashion forward vibe, and her shows are a perfect fit for me. I love a good trend, and over the years I’ve discovered that it’s possible to buy into trends without looking dated in six months. The secret? Figure out the most “classic” elements of the trend you’re currently into, and opt for a piece that will showcase exactly that.

Case in point: the harem pant. These seemed to take off a few years ago, but the frenzy appears to have died down. It’s not a trend for everyone, but for me the fit is great and the style has become a wardrobe staple. I’ll probably wear them for as long as I can find them. The most classic elements? To make this trend more versatile and timeless, I avoid busy prints and too many added details. I tend to have a “less is more” philosophy when it comes to trends and I lean towards color and silhouette as the most important elements. I’ll stick to black, look for a high waist with well executed and refined details to get the look and feel I’m going for.

At Luisa’s last show, I found the most amazing, comfy, cozy and super cool harem pants. She had a couple different styles available: one that was more subdued that I was initially really drawn to, and another that was very exaggerated and diaphanous in style. I tried both on, and the more subdued style featured a lower rise, which isn’t always the most flattering when it comes to my body type. While they looked a little much to me on the hanger, I was surprised to discover that the exaggerated pair was the clear winner. They were similar to my old pair, with a few upgrades. The fabric was much nicer, the shape was more modern, and the best part? Pockets. Score!

Sneak Peek: ZKD Best Selling + Signature Jewelry Collection

On my last trip back to the states, I took some time to put together a beautiful jewelry collection to showcase at Luisa’s Fall Pop-Up Shop. You’ll find a selection of filled with ZKD best sellers and signature jewelry. A few highlights? Best-sellers including my minimal post earrings, beaded stretch rings (perfect for stacking), and minimal leather chokers. And don’t forget – now is the best time to beat the crowds and stock up for the fast approaching holidays. With this in mind, I made sure that you could get some fabulous deals when buying multiple pieces. Get a sneak peek below!

And of course gift wrapping will be available! While customers have shown a lot of love for my signature navy box, a few of you have mentioned that you already have quite a few stocked up and don’t have space for more. To change things up a little for the holidays, I’ve brought in new packaging! New linen drawstring bags are complimentary with your purchase. These will make for the perfect way to protect your jewelry while taking up a little less space in your jewelry box.

ZKD Packaing Update! New linen bags for your handmade jewelry.
New linen bags for your ZKD handmade jewelry.

Trust me, you do not want to miss out. I will be there in spirit, and also in jewelry, of course. Don’t miss your chance to shop ZKD jewelry – call your girls and mark your calendars, Chicago!

Luisa’s Fall 2018 Pop-Up is open next week from Friday, October 19th and Saturday, October 20th. See below for more details!

L-U-I-S-A  | Accessories
Fall 2018 Pop-Up
2944 W. Leland Ave
Chicago, IL

Friday, October 19th: 10 am – 9 pm
Saturday, October 20th: 10am – 6pm

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