July Birth Stones

It’s time to check out birthstones for those July babies out there! I have to admit, I am a bit partial to July. I am a July baby myself, and have always loved the variety of stones that represent this month.

Roped ruby drop earrings by Zurina Ketola Designs Handcrafted Jewelry.
Roped ruby drop earrings

:|: Ruby :|:  First off, we have the most well-known July birthstone, the luscious ruby. I’ve always been transfixed by this beautiful gem. Its colors range from bright pink to deep red. My first real memory of the ruby was two very specific pieces of jewelry.  First, the tiny, gold heart shaped studs I had when I first had my ears pierced when I was six. The second? A stunning gold ring with a giant pink marquis ruby that belonged to my mother. It was supposed to be mine eventually, but it was stolen when I was about eleven. So heartbreaking! It was pretty similar to this lovely ring. Because of that ring, my favorite rubies are more pink in color, although they are more valuable if they are red. I use this stone a lot in summer, fall and winter jewelry designs. And if you love gemstone lore, here’s a cool poem about the gem of the month:

The glowing ruby shall adorn,
Those who in July are born;
Then they’ll be exempt and free
From love’s doubts and anxiety.

– Gregorian Calendar, July Birthstone Poem

AAA Quality Fine Carnelian Foxtail Drop Earrings
Carnelian Foxtail Earrings

:|: Carnelian :|: Carnelian is another example which is perhaps more commonly seen in the UK as an official July birthstone. I decided to include here because it’s a lovely gemstone, and is a wonderful alternative to the ruby, particularly if cost is an issue. This beautiful gemstone ranges from reddish and warm brown hues to bright shades of orange, as showcased in the image above. I use this gemstone primarily in summer and fall jewelry designs because the shades compliment those seasons so perfectly.

There we have it! I hope you enjoyed the post. I’d love to hear what you think. Post any comments you may have below.