Introducing Limited Edition ZKD Naughty + Nice Artist Collection Gift Bags!

Naughty + Nice Gift Bags are Now Available!

This season is in full swing, and in that spirit, I have some exciting news! During the holidays over the last few years, I’ve noticed frantic shoppers  looking for something they can’t seem to find anywhere. Curated gift sets featuring a range of handmade goods from a variety of small batch artisans and businesses. It seemed like a great idea to get everything together in a perfect little package, ready for giving, so I started taking a look around to see what was out there. In my search, I found sets that were really cute, but mass produced. For artisan goods, the closest thing I could find was getting multiples from a single source. This seemed pretty close, and it’s something I do with my jewelry. But even with this as an option people were still looking for more. I took note, since it seemed like a project worth pursuing. I’ve been looking into it ever since, and I’m so glad I did! Over the last couple months, I’ve been working with an incredible group of talented artists, makers and small businesses to bring you two awesome, limited edition Artist Collection Naughty and Nice Gift Bags just in time for the holidays!

Naughty and Nice gift bags displayed on table
What a pretty package! ZKD Naughty and Nice Artist Collection Gift Sets.

Take a Peek in the Naughty + Nice Gift Bags!

These chic little gift bags will make the perfect gift! Anyone that loves high quality, thoughtfully made, beautifully handcrafted goods will absolutely love these charming sets. Each comes in a lovely mesh linen bag, perfectly themed for the season. Both collections showcase a couple of my own best selling items along with a lovely selection of handcrafted goods made by a few of my favorite local Chicago artists and makers. Inspired by the Naughty or Nice holiday vibe, they’re both accented with a fluffy faux fur pom key chain and feature a minimal leather choker, metallic hair tie set, sparkling soap saver, and an adorable handmade mini soap. These thoughtfully curated gift bags offer themed variations of each beautifully crafted product.  Read more about the inspiration for each bag below!

Nice Gift Bag, $48

My inspiration for the Nice collection was influenced by the magic of the season, along with a little charm and whimsy. I was thinking about things that make me feel warm and cozy, like the dreamy sparkle of twinkling Christmas lights, and enjoying a cuppa hot cocoa topped with marshmallows. And yes, unicorns. I’ve been rocking the unicorn hair the last couple years, and I loved the idea of getting it in the mix somehow. This collection combines a mix of bright and cheerful hues with delightfully lush details, and a lot of holiday sparkle.

Selection of items in the Nice Gift Set
Fabulous items in the Limited Edition Nice Gift Set!
  • Faux Fur Key Chain by Purple + Lime  Pink / Purple / White, each will be one of a kind!
  • Handcrafted Mini Soap  by Scrub Me – Balancing, Colloidal Oats + Kaolin Clay; Unscented
  • Sparkling Soap Saver by Sundae Crochet Co. – Turquoise + Gold Sparkle
  • Minimal Leather Choker by Zurina Ketola Designs – Rose Gold Plated Heart + Petal Blush Leather
  • Metallic Hair Elastic Trio by Zurina Ketola Designs – Peach + Gold Polka Dots / Cream + Gold Chevron / Black + Gold Maze

Naughty Gift Bag, $48

The inspiration for the Naughty collection has a bit of a racier vibe. Influenced by wild nights and the temptation of vice, this set is accented with lush neutrals like chinchilla and metallic gray leather with pops of red and gold throughout. This set even comes with it’s own little lump of coal! Of course I’ve updated the tradition in my own special way… This luxurious little lump of coal comes in the form of an activated charcoal + clove handmade mini soap that smells absolutely divine!

Selection of items in the Naughty Gift Set
A look inside the ZKD Naughty Gift Bag!
  • Faux Fur Key Chain by Purple + Lime  Gray Chinchilla
  • Handcrafted Mini Soap  by Scrub Me – Detoxifying, Activated Charcoal + Clove
  • Sparkling Soap Saver by Sundae Crochet Co. – Red + Gold Sparkle
  • Minimal Leather Choker by Zurina Ketola Designs – Matte Gold Plated Skull + Metallic Gray Leather
  • Metallic Hair Elastic Trio by Zurina Ketola Designs – Cream + Gold Polka Dots / Red + Gold Chevron / Black + Gold Maze

One of the best things about my job is meeting people, whether it’s customers or other incredible artisans. I’m truly grateful to be a part a wonderful community that’s supportive of local creative business, so this season I really wanted to showcase the incredible work of my favorite artists, makers, and small businesses. There is just no substitute for thoughtfully made, handcrafted gifts. I had so much fun putting these together. It definitely got me in the mood for the upcoming holiday season!

For those of you in the Chicago area you can get yours at the Local Goods Holiday Pop Up, or at the December Randolph Street Market. Otherwise, you can always get them on the site! Don’t forget, these precious packages are very limited edition, and won’t be restocked once they’re gone. Both Naughty + Nice Gift Bags are under $50 (yes, really!), ready for giving, and will fit perfectly in a stocking or look beautiful under that glittering tree. You don’t want to miss out on this collection.  Support local artists, get the perfect gift, and buy yours today!