Great Start to a New Year: My Golden Globes Adventure!

The Golden Globes Stage
Yes, that would be me on the stage!

Go to the Golden Globes? Um, Yes, Please!

I have to say, I think I had the best year on record for ZKD. Although it was truly insane, the holiday season was a fantastic learning experience, especially given that I had my own shop at the Andersonville Galleria for the first time. But nothing really prepared me for what was to come just days into the new year. I was all ready to take a bit of a break in January, but then things changed. You see, I got invited to go to the Golden Globes this year. And then of course, I fainted. As one does.

Once in a Lifetime

So, I can imagine that you might be wondering, how in the world did this even happen? Well, as much as I’d love to say that it was work related, it was purely for fun and was the result of some fortunate personal connections. I’ve been hearing incredible stories of the star studded event for years, but it’s not typical that I end up getting the extra invite. This was pretty much a fantastic once in a lifetime gig for me, and there was pretty much no way I was turning this down.

In Style + The Theory of Everything Party with Jamie Dornan
In Style + The Theory of Everything Party with Jamie Dornan.

“Wanna Go to the Globes with Me?”

My husband and I were planning on taking a short trip out to Los Angeles to see his family in mid-January, but about a week and a half beforehand, I got the call. It started out with the typical pleasantries, then my mother in law was curious as to whether I could come out the weekend before we were planning on coming, so I naturally asked, “Sure, what’s going on?” She then replied, “Wanna go to the Globes with me?”

As you can imagine, the only thing I could possibly say was, “Yes!”

And then much freaking out ensued.

How Does One Prep for the Most Fabulous Party in the World?

After that phone call, my mind wouldn’t stop racing. What exactly does one wear to the biggest, fanciest party in the world? What about make up? Hair? And also… I think I might need a budget. I found outgoing to the Globes doesn’t just mean one single event. As it happens, I was going the be there for an additional two days and we’d be going to lots of other parties and events. While I have a lot of great clothes to wear to for an evening out, the Globes themselves are much more formal. I only had about a week and a half to find something suitable, so in addition to a budget, I was also in a bit of a time crunch.

In Style Theory of Everything Golden Globes Party at The Chateau Marmont
Roof top view from the Chateau Marmont

Step 1: Awesome and Talented Friends

Luckily, I have a truly amazing group of friends and pros who were willing to help me look like a star. Big shout out to my amazing make up artist/consultant, Emily Wolf for wonderful tips on how to play up my favorite features. I always wish I could just put her in my pocket when I go places so she can work her magic! Cheers to my new hair stylist, Tiffany over at Twisted Scissors in Chicago for helping me decide on the perfect cut and products to use. And of course, a big thanks to my wildly stylish photographer friend Maggie Rife Ponce for helping me choose a dress. She ended up insisting that I try on a dress I was going to pass on, which turned out to be absolutely stunning. It was a bright canary yellow gown with super chic side cut outs from a line called Clove. The last thing I needed to do was accessorize. This is when being a jewelry designer comes in really handy. Even though the lines and details of the dress were  incredibly simple, the color is so striking that it really required a light touch with the jewelry.

Step 2: Jewels!

I opted to go with a standout pair of earrings, handcrafted from super thin and luxurious petal pearls. I sourced the pearls from a visit to Hong Kong years ago, the shape and color was just too incredibly gorgeous to pass up, so I grabbed several strands. Wrapped with 14K gold fill wire, they’re both luxurious and luminous, with a really intriguing texture and shape. Since my hair and the neckline of the dress gave a little bit of a sixties mod-vibe, I thought this would be a cool combination. I finished it off with a sterling silver cocktail ring showcasing a stunning asymmetric golden rutilated quartz gemstone. I loved the combo because it gave me the ability to mix metals in a really subtle way. The whole ensemble ended up being a huge hit.


Step 3: Shoes, Preferably Sans Tape

Last we have the shoes. Those shoes. Simple, pale gold, strappy sandals from Steve Madden. The Stecy, I believe. I loved them dearly, but I have to say, those shoes were the death of me. They looked so great with the dress, and would have been incredibly versatile with the rest of my wardrobe. My issue? Both shoes broke during the Globes. I don’t even think I was able to take 100 steps total before the strap popped off the heel of the left shoe. Actually, the second I stepped out of the cab and onto the Red Carpet with that foot, it came right off. This is before the show even started! I had never had anything like that happen before. Luckily, I was able to find a very helpful staffer at the Fox party with some gaffers tape who was able to tape the shoe back together. I actually found it amusing that I was at what is arguably the biggest Hollywood party of the year, mingling with the biggest and brightest  television and movie stars, at a place that even the biggest stars have to wait in line to get into parties, and my shoe was being held together by tape. I kind of felt like a really fabulous hobo.

Eddie Redmayne at In Style's Theory of Everything Party.
Eddie Redmayne at In Style’s Theory of Everything Party.

Step 4: Dance!

The other shoe broke several hours later, at the Paramount party. I was just about to try and say hello to Best Actor Nominee, David Oyelowo and hoped to snag picture when the second strap snapped and stopped me in my tracks. Exact same thing. No fix this time, though, so I just had to deal. I am happy to report that although they ended up being the bane of my existence, my mood wasn’t particularly swayed. Frankly, I learned that I can walk on damn near anything, and it turns out I was even a hit on the dance floor with two busted shoes. Apparently, that’s just how I roll. I was at the Golden Globes, having the time of my life. How could I be anything but thrilled?

They’ll Take the Return When You Say “They Broke at the Golden Globes”

One last note, I do have to give Steve Madden props. I called the Chicago location that I purchased the shoes from and let them know that their shoes basically disintegrated on me. I originally wasn’t going to see about a refund. Generally speaking, trying to return something after it’s been worn and damaged tends to be a lost cause, but this was a fairly unusual situation given that both shoes broke in the exact same way so quickly, and before the night even started. I really think I just got a bum pair of shoes, because I saw about a million girls with the exact same pair during the night, and they were all still in one piece. The management was more than happy to refund my crazy looking return (tape and everything), and I’m really grateful. While I could have done without the problems, I really appreciated being able to do a return with no issues. This actually the was the first pair of shoes I’d ever purchased from them, and based on the service, I’d go back if I found something else I liked.

So what do you think? I was able to snag some fabulous pics! I think my personal fave had to be Jamie Dornan, aka, Christian Grey of Fifty Shades fame. While I’m not I’ve been a huge fan since I saw him in The Fall last year. What celebs would you want to see  if you had the chance to go? I’d love to hear about it! Post below in the comments.

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