December Schedule 2016!


Zurina Ketola Designs Holiday 2016 Show/Market Schedule


I can hardly believe it but it’s that time of year again! Christmas may be coming fast, but don’t worry because I’ve got you covered.

I have quite a few markets booked for you to hit before the season ends! Each one is a little different as far as size and offerings, so I thought it would be a helpful guide to showcase the highlights of each one so you can organize your shopping needs. I’ve also noted the neighborhoods for in case that’s a factor for you.

Happy Holidays and happy shopping! 😘🎄🛍

Randolph Street Market | West Loop – This is a huge market with so many great offerings! Located in the West Loop, it’s pretty easy to get to, and has a ton of gift options for you or your loved ones. I’ve met so many great vendors here, I absolutely love doing this market! There’s so much amazing stuff at this market from vintage and antiques to fashion, candles, and skincare. You can really take care of your entire list here! I usually know my spot the day of, but I generally have a spot in the Lower Hall. If you have a big list, this would be a great market to visit!

Studio Sale + Factory Fundraiser | Rogers Park – This is perfect if you want your holiday purchases to go to a good cause! I’m a big supporter of the arts, and absolutely love The Factory Theater. They’re a local theater company that has been around for over 20 years. They write and produce all their shows, which is an incredible feat! They tend to focus on comedic efforts, which I love! Life has gotten very complicated recently in general, and it looks like things might stay this way for a while. You may not be able to choose when things will be light, but when you see a Factory Show, you’re almost certain to find something to smile at, even if only for a short while. I think that’s really important in times like these. They have a great sense of humor, and create awesome work. I was a Board Member for many years, and love supporting this company and everyone involved. A portion of the proceeds of this show will be donated to The Factory Theater. 🎭

Along with showcasing my current line, I will also be bringing older goodies in that will be offered at major discounts! You can save anywhere from 25%-50%+ off my old work. You know what that means, right?  You are likely to be able to take care of more than a few people on your list. And maybe even yourself? You’ve been so good, I’m sure you deserve a treat. 😉

This is definitely the market to swing by if you’re looking to feel extra good about your holiday gift giving.

Holiday Market Pop-Up | Portage Park – Grab some tea and get some gifts! There will be a charming selection of local artisans selling candles, skin care, crochet wear (perfect for winter), and more! It’s a bit more of an intimate setting. Relax while you shop with a cuppa warm tea and get cozy while you get your shopping done.

In addition to these great markets around the city, you also have the option of heading over the the Andersonville Galleria as well! I have my booth over by the stairs to the mezzanine level on the first floor. I plan on being in most weekend nights I’m not at a show or market during the day, and I love meeting all my customers. In case I’m not around, no worries! The staff is super friendly and can help you with all your holiday shopping needs. 🎄🎁