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Rose Gold Jewelry: Details + Care

La Vie En Rose has been humming in my mind all day, which is a perfect compliment to today’s blog post! I’m continuing this week with part two of my series about the metals I use in my designs. On Monday I shared some information about the type of gold I use in my jewelry, and today I’m going to focus on the type of rose gold you’ll find in my work.

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Zurina Ketola Designs handmade bohemain jewelry for Spring 2018

NEW! The Jewelry Box Series: Featuring Bohemian Jewelry for Spring 2018

Introducing: The Jewelry Box

There are some changes coming down the pipeline over here at Zurina Ketola Designs, and one of those changes is my goal to write more and have a more active blog.  I’ve been busy brainstorming regular topics since the beginning of the year, and have some fun new regular feature posts coming down the line. My favorite thing about this? The inspiration came from you, my very own customers! I love chatting with people, and have been thinking back to common customer inquiries that I could try and answer or expand upon. With that in mind, say hello to my new Jewelry Box series!

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Zurina Ketola Designs handcrafted gray leather bracelet duo

Celebrate Our Launch with 20% Off Your Order!

The summer is winding down, and while I definitely had a few setbacks which delayed the website, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that we’ve finally launched. And just in time for the fall season, no less! If you’re in Chicago, it’s hard not to feel like we’re in the middle of summer right now, but don’t let that fool you! We’re fast approaching the busiest season of the year for us small batch brands and independent makers. Now is the perfect time to get a head start on your holiday shopping! Continue reading “Celebrate Our Launch with 20% Off Your Order!”

December Schedule 2016!


Zurina Ketola Designs Holiday 2016 Show/Market Schedule


I can hardly believe it but it’s that time of year again! Christmas may be coming fast, but don’t worry because I’ve got you covered.

I have quite a few markets booked for you to hit before the season ends! Each one is a little different as far as size and offerings, so I thought it would be a helpful guide to showcase the highlights of each one so you can organize your shopping needs. I’ve also noted the neighborhoods for in case that’s a factor for you.

Happy Holidays and happy shopping! 😘🎄🛍

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NEW! Silicone Backs from ZKD Now Available at Andersonville Galleria

Since I’ve bee at the Galleria, I have been fielding inquiries from customers regarding silicone earrings backs. In general, most that you will find are hard silicone or PVC. I’ve never really been a fan. Because these are so stiff, they can be really difficult to work with, and sometimes even bend or damage the earrings you are trying to protect! I’ve been in the lookout for a good source of better options, and recently found a two great varieties of high quality, soft backs that I’m selling at my Andersonville Galleria shop! Continue reading “NEW! Silicone Backs from ZKD Now Available at Andersonville Galleria”

ZKD Jewelry Tree Materials

DIY – Sculptural Jewelry Tree Display

Here’s a little DIY tutorial on how to make on of my favorite sculptural jewelry displays, the jewelry tree. I’ve been making variations of this for years. It’s great because you can always do something a little different each time to change it up. Let’s get started! Continue reading “DIY – Sculptural Jewelry Tree Display”

Got Metal Allergies? You May Have More Options Than You Think.

Metal allergies are a major issue for many people. Nothing is worse than pulling out a fabulous new piece of jewelry for the first time, then realizing it actually causes a dry, itchy, red skin on contact. The good news? There may be more accessorizing options for you than you think!

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