Zurina Ketola Designs leather prosperity bracelets

Luisa Accessories Fall 2018 Pop-Up featuring ZKD Jewelry

Meant to Be: ZKD Handmade Jewelry Available in Chicago

Exciting news for my Chicago clients with a love for fashion, artisan jewelry, and weekend markets! Before I hopped the pond this summer, a few of you reached out and asked how to purchase ZKD jewelry since my shop would be down during the transition. As I was pondering my options, I was contacted by Luisa, one of my favorite pop-up organizers. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

As Luisa told me, “It was meant to be.”

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Vista Point Catalina Hills Tucson AZ

Away Jan 26th – Feb 9th: Orders Will Be Filled and Shipped Upon My Return

Orders Will be Filled + Shipped After February 9th

I’m taking my annual sojourn to the Tucson Gem Show from January 26th through February 9th, and I’ve decided to keep my jewelry website up and running in my absence. Please note that I won’t be able to fill orders until after I return on February 9th. Orders can be processed and paid for during this time and I expect to ship orders placed during my vacation by Wednesday, February 14thContinue reading “Away Jan 26th – Feb 9th: Orders Will Be Filled and Shipped Upon My Return”

Crochet cotton and prosperity bracelets on bracelet display.

Crochet Cotton and Prosperity Bracelet Design Updates

A Second Look

Everything can use a little update every now and then, and I make it a point evaluate my signature handmade jewelry designs regularly. One of the most important parts of my job as a jewelry designer is listening to customer feedback to see where things might need attention. The approach will often depend on the product itself.  In some cases it can mean discontinuing a product, and other times it means taking a second look and updating a design. The latter is the best approach to take when the jewelry in question is especially popular with customers, and is the path I’ve taken with my crochet cotton and prosperity bracelet design updates.  Continue reading “Crochet Cotton and Prosperity Bracelet Design Updates”

Models neck wearing layered choker and necklace combination

Best Selling Jewelry on Sale at Randolph Street Market 10/28-10/29 🛍

I’ll be selling my handcrafted jewelry designs at Randolph Street Market‘s Indie Designer Mart this weekend! My booth will be set up Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with some of my newest and best selling jewelry designs in tow! This is one of my favorite Chicago markets to attend. It happens on a monthly basis at Plummer’s Hall, which is just west of downtown Chicago. I started selling my jewelry there a couple years ago, and always look forward to coming back! It’s such a blast – I love the atmosphere, meeting both new and repeat customers, visiting with some of my favorite local Chicago vendors, and of course taking a moment to walk the market myself to see what’s new. Read on to find out about the sales I’ll be offering at the show! Continue reading “Best Selling Jewelry on Sale at Randolph Street Market 10/28-10/29 🛍”

Mid-Week Maker Market, July 26, 2017


Carbon Arc Midweek Makers Mart July 26 2017
Carbon Arc Midweek Makers Mart July 26 2017


Join me and other fabulous artists at Carbon Arc Bar for a Mid-Week Maker Mart!

I’ll be joining a few local artists and makers at this amazing location next door to the newly renovated Davis Theater for a chill evening of drinks, delectable dishes, and of course a little shopping for locally made goodness.

Along with beautiful artwork, you’ll find a fabulously cheeky selection of greeting cards, small batch bath + body products, handcrafted candles, artisan jewelry, and Chicago themed goodies.

It’s going to be a lovely summer night, so take a stroll in the charming Lincoln Square neighborhood and stop in to see us!

We’ll be here from 6pm-10pm.

Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces! 😘

Randolph Street Market April 29th + 30th 🛍

Zurina Ketola Designs Pop Up Set up.
The ZKD show set up!

It’s that time again – I’m gearing up to showcase at one of my favorite monthly shows, Randolph Street Market! I’ll be located in downstairs in the Lower Hall among other fabulous vendors and indie makers.

Randolph Street Market

1340 W. Washington Street

Chicago, IL

Purchase your tickets early and get a discounted rate of $8/each or buy tickets at the door for $10/each. Free entry for kids under 12!

Come join us Saturday + Sunday from 10am – 5pm!

Looking forward to seeing your lovely faces! 😘

Parks + Rec / Galentine’s Day Themed ZKD Jewelry Party! 😍👸

Just a couple gals having fun in a photo booth!
Parks and Rec Themed Galentine’s Day Jewelry Party for Zurina Ketola Designs

I have the best customers! One of my absolute favorites is Melissa, a client I met in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago while doing a pop-up market in 2016. She is an absolute gem, and offered to host a Galentine’s Day themed jewelry party showcasing my work. The only catch? I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but I was super late to the game on Parks + Rec. I had a couple other awesome customers who were best friends that would come in every year for Galentine’s to get one another gifts, and I guess I must have missed the explanation! At the time Melissa had mentioned it, I’m afraid I hadn’t seen the show yet at all.  She was really excited to have a party, but she made me promise to watch the whole series before she would host a party for me. I’m so glad I kept my promise! This has totally become one of my favorite shows ever!

I don’t normally watch a lot of TV, but I have to say, I was immediately hooked. I binge watched the entire series in few short weeks! Once I had done my homework, I contacted her and she got going on getting everything together. I could never have imaged how awesome it was going to be. This girl is a real Knope-it-all, and I mean that in the best possible way 😉

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December Schedule 2016!


Zurina Ketola Designs Holiday 2016 Show/Market Schedule


I can hardly believe it but it’s that time of year again! Christmas may be coming fast, but don’t worry because I’ve got you covered.

I have quite a few markets booked for you to hit before the season ends! Each one is a little different as far as size and offerings, so I thought it would be a helpful guide to showcase the highlights of each one so you can organize your shopping needs. I’ve also noted the neighborhoods for in case that’s a factor for you.

Happy Holidays and happy shopping! 😘🎄🛍

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