Best Selling Jewelry on Sale at Randolph Street Market 10/28-10/29 🛍

I’ll be selling my handcrafted jewelry designs at Randolph Street Market‘s Indie Designer Mart this weekend! My booth will be set up Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with some of my newest and best selling jewelry designs in tow! This is one of my favorite Chicago markets to attend. It happens on a monthly basis at Plummer’s Hall, which is just west of downtown Chicago. I started selling my jewelry there a couple years ago, and always look forward to coming back! It’s such a blast – I love the atmosphere, meeting both new and repeat customers, visiting with some of my favorite local Chicago vendors, and of course taking a moment to walk the market myself to see what’s new. Read on to find out about the sales I’ll be offering at the show!

Take Advantage: Minimalist Post Earring SALE!

I’m a part of the Indie Designer Mart section of the show, and my booth is typically located in the Lower Hall, in the aisles near the eastern most wall. Swing by and take advantage of a few sales that will be going on! This coming weekend, my Minimalist Post Earring Collection, which also happen to be one of my all time best selling lines will be on sale! Featuring minimalist linear designs in 14K yellow gold fill, 14K rose gold fill, and sterling silver wire, these post earrings are made in my studio, by yours truly! Since these are best sellers, I’m always needing to clear my schedule and carve out at least a day or two when it’s time to restock. I make these in large batches, and spend countless hours crafting each individual post from the initial shaping, hammering and polishing to get that sparkling high shine.

They’re a great choice if you’re looking for jewelry for daily wear, and these metals are a fantastic option if you have metal sensitivities or allergies. As long as you can wear 14K gold, you can rock 14K gold-filled! They’re super chic, easy to mix and match, and girls with multiple piercings love wearing a couple different sets. It seemed only natural to offer a sale on these deceptively simple beauties. The normal price on these post earrings is $20, and this weekend you can snag two pairs for $30!

New Jewelry Designs: Minimal Leather Choker

Another crowd favorite are my new line of minimal leather chokers, which was inspired by the 90’s trending back in style. I was definitely a 90’s girl back in my teenage years and spent a ridiculous amount of time in vintage stores, wore tons of flannel, baby doll dresses, and definitely had my trusty pair of Doc Marten Mary Janes in daily fashion rotation. Oh yeah. And the dark lip liner? Um, guilty! One thing I really could never get into were the chokers. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely sported quite a few, but I wasn’t really crazy about them. It’s a bit of a milestone moment in life when the trends you wore as a teenager swing back around as an adult, and the 90’s fashion resurgence was making me a bit nostalgic. I really wanted to see if I could re-imagine this trend in a more versatile and modern way.

I wanted to highlight the best elements of the trend, and turn it into something that both worked with modern day style, while maintaining the timeless feel that my line offers. I’m a big fan of versatility and layering necklaces, and felt that creating a delicate choker that could stand alone or  layer would be perfect. Because most 90’s style chokers featured black ribbons, my initial thought was to replace the black grosgrain and velvet from the original with hand dyed silk. I did some experimenting at first, and although it was nice it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I ended up going with inspiration from my collection of Luxe Leather bracelets, and used very fine leather cord along with delicate, highly polished plated details. I love the results! My chokers are edgy and delicate worn alone, but also really pull things together when layered with other necklaces. They’ve been such a great seller that my stock always runs out and I never had time to get them online! It’s an awesome problem to have, but with the new jewelry site up and running now, expect these to be added by the end of the month! These minimalist leather chokers will be listed at $20 each, and at the show they’ll be on sale as two for $30 as well!

Last But Not Least – The Mix and Match Sale!

My minimalist post earrings and minimal leather chokers make the absolute perfect set to combine for a chic, sophisticated look!  When you mix and match and buy a choker along with a pair of the minimalist post earrings at the show this weekend, you’ll get both for $30! These items compliment one another in the best way possible. And hey, why not treat yo’ self a bit? Take advantage of the sale, and grab a set for yourself and a friend. It’s a perfect option if you’re looking for a special gift set for a birthday or taking care of your list for the fast approaching holiday season.

As I mentioned before, the chokers are getting added to the site by the end of the month, but they are currently available at my Andersonville Galleria shop if you’re in the Chicago area as well. If you can’t make a trip out there or to Randolph Street this weekend, no worries! Just contact me and let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll make arrangements for your purchase. 😘✌

And for those of you that can make it out this weekend, you can pick up your tickets to the event here. See you this weekend! 💋

Randolph Street Market, October 28th-29th 2017, Pick N' Treats. Shop indoor from 125 vendors, antiques, vintage, art, indie designers, global goods, fancy foods, drinks.
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