Artistic Jewelry Storage Solutions

I’m a big believer of jewelry as art. Of course it’s wearable art, but a beautiful collection of jewelry can be curated to make lust worthy adornments for a dressing room or bedroom just as easily. There’s lots of lovely jewelry boxes out there, but when my jewelry is out of sight, it’s out of mind too. I hate going out and realizing that the perfect pair of earrings is just sitting at home in a box. So why limit your options? I put together a list of my tried and true gorgeous jewelry display and storage favorites just for you. 

I have a ton of bright and colorful bracelets that change from season to season. I’ve collected them from all over, including trips that I’ve taken to Fiji, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Not only do they represent my personal style, but they of where I’ve come from and where I’ve been, so why wouldn’t I want them on display? I wanted to pair them with something warm and earthy, but also modern and minimal, so I found this great wooden tray. I needed something that would fit everything, so this medium size was perfect.

In addition to the big, bold collection of bracelets, I have a ton of other jewelry that I like to keep at the ready. These days it’s so easy to find cool jewelry displays, you really don’t have to go very far. I picked up the jewelry tower at Joann Fabrics a while ago, and the antlers were a find from World Market. Neither of these are available anymore, but there are other options available. I tend to shy away from bright or metallic finishes, which I see a lot of. I feel like my jewelry doesn’t pop as well and I don’t notice it as much. I usually lean towards matte white, distressed finishes. This finish works best for me because I need to do a lot of jewelry photography, and bright colors will detract from the work. I also have a lot of furniture with dark finishes, so I prefer a piece that will contrast. You won’t always find a ton of color options with these, but that’s an easy fix with a little DIY spirit 😉

Another creative idea is repurposing items from around the house. The wooden tray from earlier is a perfect example, along with this cool little teardrop bowl that I used for a strand of vintage pearls. Take a look around your home, and try and see things in a different light. What about sculptures you have around the house? I picked up this carved hand sculpture a while ago and decided to use it as a ring display. It draws a lot of interest, and it can double as a bracelet stand. I love the versatility!

My favorite thing about this type of display and storage? You can switch things out and move things around and often as you want. Go for seasonal, or if you’re like me and always adding to the collection, switch it up monthly or even weekly. I am always switching it up, so my decor always looks a little different. It’s a fun little project that’s always seems to inspire my creativity and brighten my day. So try some of these ideas out and let me know what you think! I hope it does the same for you.