September Birthstones: A New Twist!

Last year, I wrote about the most widely known September birthstone here in the U.S., the sapphire. But did you know there are other birthstones for the month of September? I’m a big lover of variety and versatility, so knowing there is more out there to choose from made me want to share, big time! In addition to sapphire, I’ll talk about lapiz lazuli and zircon which are used as birthstones for the month of September.

::| Sapphire |:: The modern September birthstone is sapphire, a beautiful stone that most will recognize by its gorgeous blue hue. While the blue variety is most closely associated with this birthstone, this precious gem also comes in pinks, and yellows. A member of the corundum family along with the ruby, the sapphire is said to promote serenity, and is said to to stave off depression.

::| Lapiz Lazuli |:: Recognized in the UK. With it’s gorgeous blue hue, also known as ultramarine, this gem was prized for its intense blue color, and was crushed and used as a pigment by artists during the Renaissance. Lapiz lazuli is thought to encourage clarity and objectivity. The image in the beginning of the post features a beautiful specimen of this stone.

::| Zircon |::  The September birthstone recognized in India, and is a little unusual because some specimens are mildly radioactive! Luckily, the levels are quite low, and the stone is safe for use in jewelry. Available in a myriad of colors, ranging from red, blue, yellow, pink, and gray. To the naked eye, zircon can easily be mistaken for a diamond. In many cases, an expert using tools of the gemological trade is needed to make an actual determination. Zircon is said to facilitate healing.