Simple Bridesmaid Gifts

I thought I’d keep rolling with the wedding theme this week and talk about bridesmaids! These ladies are an integral part of the entire wedding journey. From organizing the wedding shower to planning a bachelorette party, and just plain old being there for you through the whole thing, they can really help ease the stress that can arise from planning your big day.  Continue reading “Simple Bridesmaid Gifts”

Long crystal and mother of pearl lariat. Dramatic bridal necklaces. Bridal necklaces, Bridal Jewelry.

Hello Wedding Season!

As I was heading off to bed last night, I was perusing my Instagram feed and saw a fantastic picture of a gorgeous bride and her smiling groom walking through a cascade of blue and white confetti, surrounded by friends and family. This image represents what I’ve always loved about weddings. June is in full swing here in Chicago, and that means wedding season has officially begun! Here’s a list of my favorite wedding trends. Continue reading “Hello Wedding Season!”

Artistic Jewelry Storage Solutions

I’m a big believer of jewelry as art. Of course it’s wearable art, but a beautiful collection of jewelry can be curated to make lust worthy adornments for a dressing room or bedroom just as easily. There’s lots of lovely jewelry boxes out there, but when my jewelry is out of sight, it’s out of mind too. I hate going out and realizing that the perfect pair of earrings is just sitting at home in a box. So why limit your options? I put together a list of my tried and true gorgeous jewelry display and storage favorites just for you.  Continue reading “Artistic Jewelry Storage Solutions”

June Birth Stones

It’s crazy to think that it’s already June, but considering the dreary winter we had in Chicago, I’m glad summer is finally here! With the promise of longer days and perfect beach weather, June also kicks off the beginning of summer birthday season. Here’s some helpful info on June birthstones. Continue reading “June Birth Stones”

Zurina Ketola Designs Hair Tie

Check Out the New Digs!

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to revamping the blog and I couldn’t be happier! We’ve moved over to WordPress, and are in the process editing and tweaking things to make it just right. Over the next few weeks, you’ll probably see a few changes here and there, but so far I am loving the new look!

Things have been pretty exciting here at Zurina Ketola Designs, and limiting myself to FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  Continue reading “Check Out the New Digs!”