NEW! Silicone Backs from ZKD Now Available at Andersonville Galleria

Since I’ve bee at the Galleria, I have been fielding inquiries from customers regarding silicone earrings backs. In general, most that you will find are hard silicone or PVC. I’ve never really been a fan. Because these are so stiff, they can be really difficult to work with, and sometimes even bend or damage the earrings you are trying to protect! I’ve been in the lookout for a good source of better options, and recently found a two great varieties of high quality, soft backs that I’m selling at my Andersonville Galleria shop! Continue reading “NEW! Silicone Backs from ZKD Now Available at Andersonville Galleria”

Inspirations for My New Space

Finland Countryside Path
This winding road was near a cabin that I stayed in just outside of Helsinki. I wanted to keep walking and see what I would find!

I’ve been hard at work over the last couple weeks getting things ready to go for my new space at the Andersonville Galleria. I’m still located on the second floor, but instead of being over by the windows, I’m nestled in between the two staircases. My space is set up like a little shop. I have counter space to use while working with my clients when it’s busy, and during slow times, it doubles as a little project area. This was a key element for me. I’m there during weekends, and offer repair services and free jewelry cleaning during that time, so it’s absolutely perfect. Continue reading “Inspirations for My New Space”

Back Home from the Tucson Gem Show

Desert Landscape
I went from 19 inches of snowfall to this. What a transition!

February is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is Valentine’s day just around the corner, but it always means that I get to make a trip out to the Great American Southwest for the Tucson Gem Show. Read on for more, and take a peek at my favorite finds this year! Continue reading “Back Home from the Tucson Gem Show”

Great Start to a New Year: My Golden Globes Adventure!

The Golden Globes Stage
Yes, that would be me on the stage!

Go to the Golden Globes? Um, Yes, Please!

I have to say, I think I had the best year on record for ZKD. Although it was truly insane, the holiday season was a fantastic learning experience, especially given that I had my own shop at the Andersonville Galleria for the first time. But nothing really prepared me for what was to come just days into the new year. I was all ready to take a bit of a break in January, but then things changed. You see, I got invited to go to the Golden Globes this year. And then of course, I fainted. As one does. Continue reading “Great Start to a New Year: My Golden Globes Adventure!”

Awesome News – Zurina Ketola Designs Now has a Retail Location!

Well, it’s hard to gloss over the fact that it’s been over two months since my last post. I just want to go on the record and say that things have been pretty crazy over here, but they’ve been crazy in the best possible way! The result? I have a retail space! Click through to read more about it. Continue reading “Awesome News – Zurina Ketola Designs Now has a Retail Location!”

The No Tell Hotel – Editorial Shoot

Around the Fourth of July this year, I had the opportunity to do some jewelry styling on the set of a photo shoot for Revealed Studios. Our location? A rent-by-the-hour, seedy little gem in my fair city – The Heart “O” Chicago. Click through to see more. And trust me, you’ll want to see more.

Continue reading “The No Tell Hotel – Editorial Shoot”

ZKD Arm Party Giveaway!

Last week, I found out I’ll be having a booth at the Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest here in Chicago. This will be a great event, and I am super excited. Come by my booth for a chance to win a set of FREE stacking bracelets! Click through for details!


Continue reading “ZKD Arm Party Giveaway!”