Zurina has always been drawn to the artistic side of life. While her educational background is in the biological sciences, she’s had a lifelong fascination with creative endeavors, including music, dance, photography, fashion, and of course, jewelry. Her interest in the sparkly stuff began when she was just a kid. She’d sneak off into her mom’s closet, dig into her  jewelry box and play dress up when no one was watching.

Inspired by those secret little adventures in fashion, Zurina became captivated by the idea of making jewelry, and began to learn the essentials of jewelry design.

As her work became sought after beyond friends and family, Zurina Ketola Designs had officially launched.

Armed with a rebellious spirit and equally fanciful sensibilities, Zurina sources luxurious materials with surprising and intricate details for her designs. Her philosophy is rooted in timeless versatility, and work combines grace and simplicity with a refined feminine edge. 

Each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted by hand in Chicago, IL.