2018 Spring Trend Spotlight: Hoop Earrings

Hooked on Hoop Earrings

For Spring 2018, one of my favorite classics is trending big time: hoop earrings! I’ve always been a fan of hoops. My love for this style goes way back to my teens. I didn’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I did wear a pair of tiny sterling silver hoops everyday. I was pretty low maintenance, and I would say they were my daily go-to option. Now that I’ve grown into my sense of style a bit more, I’ve found that the perfect pair of hoops always make me feel put together and polished. I’m partial to the simplicity and continuous shape, and I’m so exited to finally share this hoop earring collection with you!

Zurina Ketola Designs introduces a new line of hoop earrings for Spring 2018.

Introducing the Handmade Hoop Earring Collection for Spring 2018

I’m so very excited to be introducing my new collection of handmade hoop earrings for Spring 2018! While I appreciate the simplicity of the standard circle hoop, I wanted to get a little inventive and play around a bit with angles, shape, and proportion. When designing earrings, I gravitate towards versatile jewelry designs that are simple yet unique, and decided to focus on creating a series of shapes to feature.

Finding inspiration in both geometry and symbolism, this collection of hoops features some of my favorite shapes that have meaning to me in some way. The ZKD hoop earring collection features sparkling selection unique shapes featuring diamonds, hexagons, triangles and my signature lotus petal motif.

Diamond Hoops

Zurina Ketola Designs featuring handmade diamond hoops in 14K rose gold fill.

I’ve never really been a traditional girl, and I love adding a twist to traditional styles. What better place to start than diamonds? As lovely as diamonds are, they haven’t always been in line with my style. That said, I’ve always had an appreciation for the shimmering beauties and I’m happy to say that I finally found a way to make it work for me! These diamond hoops were modeled after the profile view of a brilliant cut diamond gemstone (similar to the diamond emoji) and stylized for proportion. I’ve been playing around with this shape for a while, and I love how they turned out!

The diamond hoops are the largest of the four new styles, measuring at just under an inch in length and half an inch wide. Slender and sleek, these sparkling hoops are both modern and minimal. Super light, and incredibly comfortable, these gorgeous hoops transition seamlessly from day to night.

Zurina Ketola Designs handcrafted jewelry featuring handmade hoop earrings. Modern and minimal, these sleek diamond hoop earrings are made from 14K rose gold fill.
Diamond hoops in 14K rose gold fill

Hexagon Hoops

These are probably the most fun to make! I played around with a couple similar polygon shapes, but in the end the hexagon hoops had my heart. A big reason a I gravitated towards them was due to the long-awaited spring season. After such a crazy winter, I can’t think of a more welcome site than tulips or peonies peeking out from the ground. And with the flowers comes our little buzzing friends, bees! I’m partial to geometry in nature, and I’ve always been fascinated by these tiny creatures and the ingenuity and strength of their hexagonal honeycombs.

These chic little hoops are perfect for those of you that want to put in a pair of earrings and forget about them for a while, which is definitely something I am partial to. They’re just over a half inch in diameter, which is a perfect size for daily wear.

Zurina Ketola Designs handcrafted jewelry featuring handmade hoop earrings. Sleek and sophisticated, these sparkling hexagon hoop earrings are 14K gold fill.
Hexagon hoops in 14K gold fill

Triangle Hoops

I’ve been interested in the symbolism of triangles for a while, and wanted to create a pair of triangle hoops earrings for the collection. There are a lot of meanings attributed to this simple shape, but the thing I’ve always been most drawn is the idea that a triangle represents strength and resilience. These two things don’t come easy in life, and sometimes it’s nice to be able to have a little something as a reminder.

Versatile and edgy, these chic hoops measuring just over a half inch in length on all sides. These sparkling triangle hoops are another great option for a daily wear pair of earrings!

Zurina Ketola Designs handcrafted jewelry featuring handmade hoop earrings. Sleek and sophisticated, these sparkling triangle hoop earrings are sterling silver fill.
Triangle hoops in sterling silver

Petite Lotus Hoops

I used to spend a lot of time drawing mandala-styled pieces featuring lotus blossoms, with petals radiating from the center. I’d love to say that I’m a particularly amazing artist (hah! I would seriously be joking), but I found the repetition to be relaxing. This became a somewhat meditative practice, and the shape of the lotus petals have always stuck with me.

I introduced the lotus petal shape into my jewelry a couple years back with the emergence of my lotus post earrings, which have become one of my best sellers. I knew they would make the perfect addition to my line of hoop earrings, and I’m so glad I did!

Pairing the delicate angles and curves together made for such a beautiful and unique pair of hoop earrings. As the name implies, the petite lotus hoops are the smallest of the collection at half an inch long. They’re another great pair for those of you that like to wear something simple and chic on a daily basis. These have been my go-to style for quite a while, and even though they are wispy and delicate, I get regular compliments.

Zurina Ketola Designs handcrafted jewelry featuring handmade hoop earrings. Sleek and sophisticated, these sparkling petite lotus hoop earrings are 14K rose gold fill.
Petite lotus petal hoops in 14K rose gold fill

Hoop Earring Collection: Design Details

Each shape is hand forged by hand, and hammered to catch the light for that perfect bit of sparkle. There might be some minor variations as each one is made individually, but as I like to say, consider them to be sisters, not twins. All styles are available in 14K rose or yellow gold fill, or sterling silver, so they’re well suited for those of you with sensitive ears.

I’m so glad to be able to finally be able to share this collection with you! To give credit where credit is due, the hoop collection wouldn’t have happened without you, my amazing customers! One of the best parts of my jobs is meeting people and talking to customers, and I always do my best and take note when many of you start to ask for similar items. Over the last several months, unique hoops have been requested more than anything else!

I had so much fun experimenting at my workbench for this collection, and have begun to really enjoy writing blog posts about the inspirations behind my designs. Expect to see more options, and perhaps even special hoop charms coming in the future!

As always, for those of you in the Chicago area, swing by my Andersonville Galleria shop to see the collection in person!

For those looking for immediate gratification, click thru to see the entire collection of hoop earrings now!

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